Meet Lt. Col. Channpreet Singh (Veteran), certified Life coach & mentor based out of Chandigarh. Currently pursuing his passion for training young minds for the Armed Forces as a freelancer through his firm “C3 Services,” he is a certified TVET trainer under the Ministry of Skill Development. With a vision to bring the best version out of every individual, he transforms lives with pure motivation, empathy & experience.

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NDA/CDSE/AFCAT Written Exam Preparation in Tricity

SSB Mentoring

We provide one-on-one mentoring and empower our trainees to perform optimally in the SSB exams.

NDA/CDSE/AFCAT Written Exam Preparation in Tricity

Career Counseling

Built on a scientific psychometric evaluation, we will guide you in opting for a fulfiling career option.

NDA/CDSE/AFCAT Written Exam Preparation in Tricity

Corporate Training

Our Corporate Training modules are designed to help organisations become more productive & balanced.

NDA/CDSE/AFCAT Written Exam Preparation in Tricity

Life Coaching

Stop leading your life and start living it! Tap into your potential and become a better version of yourself!


Happy words from our students & clients

Sir gives such valuable tips which are totally unique and a candidate cannot expect such a feedback from a teacher in a coaching institute. Sir puts in immense effort to evaluate a candidate and then gives valuable inputs. Sir helped whenever I needed it the most. One advice which always stuck with me was when Sir told me to have faith in the Almighty. Sir always infused positivity in me and motivated me to keep trying and instilled a never say die attitude in me for which I am really grateful to him. With this mindset that Sir played a huge role in framing I cleared two SSB’s consecutively after this in 2018. I thank Sir for his unflinching faith in my capability, his encouragement and guidance.

Sharon Singh AIR 8TH (JAG) and 10TH(SSCW-23)

Thank you so much, sir! Our session was very insightful and I learned a lot about myself and SSB. I recommend every SSB candidate to go through this session!!

Ayaan Ahmad

Behind the success brought by hard work, there exists the guidance of an unsung mentor. Lt. Col. CP Singh has been such a fine instructor and has paved the efforts of a lot of youngsters the right way. It has been an honor, sir.

Pammi Mundi

It’s imperative to have an experienced mentor to make you see how little things can make a difference. CP Sir might give a bitter pill to swallow initially, but it’ll prove to be useful later.

Ratika Rana

I had my SSB within 60 days and I was in immense luck when I got to meet Col. sir. I had been conferenced out from IAF twice before and had my last chance for flying branch. I was unsure where I lacked as I had excellent interview experience and did my best in GTO and psych. This is something that bugs every defense aspirant, we give our best shot and still don’t quite understand what goes wrong. I am indebted to sir for the exceptional guidance given him. In the process, I learned from him how to live life in the best possible way- Faith, Courage, Hope, Positive-Thinking. Forever grateful.

Amanpreet Kaur

Firstly, I would like to thank you sir for your guidance and helping us with the same intensity and impact which we could get by your physical presence. Me being a repeater, was made to realise where exactly I was short on and also given practical suggestions for improving on my performance. Honestly, with the ideas and thoughts given by you sir, I have gained more confidence about my performance and also your tips on self improvement are surely a success dose for us sir. Thank you so much sir. Jai Hind!

NK Ravikant Yadav

Hi, I am Samay Saini. I underwent online training under Lt. Col. CP Singh sir and it benefitted me a lot in my SSB. The best thing in my training under him was that I was able to clear my doubts whatsoever silly they were and that too till last day of my SSB and even during my SSB. This helped me to have a clear mind which helped me in doing well in different tasks in SSB. Personal mentoring helps a lot in SSB if you need a clear mindset. Once again I would like to thank Lt. Col. CP Singh sir for helping in my journey.

Samay Saini (NDA)

I would like to sincerely thank Lt. Col. CP sir for guiding me in my SSB preparation for the National Defence Academy. I secured AIR 24 in the merit list. It is because of his wisdom and way of imparting knowledge systematically that I have achieved this goal. Thank you sir.

Ayaan (AIR 24 NDA)

Such is Sir’s expertise in his field that one group discussion is all that it took to figure out the problem. With subsequent interactions, Sir knew my personality inside out and hence guided me in the most effective way that is to transform into a better person in life rather than just doing it for the sake of clearing the SSB. I thereafter went for 3 SSBs but got conferenced out each time. Each time I used to fall back to Sir and the belief he showed in my capabilities kept me going till I achieved the goal. Sir has not only transformed me into a girl suitable for the armed forces but also into a better person altogether. I will forever be grateful to Sir.

Manvi Bhatia (AIR 8)

An Eye opening Life Coaching module!! I had lost all interest in life and it had become so monotonous that I was desperately seeking reasons to continue in the same vein, when I met my Life Coach (Lt. Col. CP Sir). His module is spread over 10 eye opening sessions which are spread over almost 2 months at your convenience. I went over the roller coaster to emerge a much stronger, happier and rejuvenated version of my earlier self !! Life has suddenly become so interesting and livable. Thanks to Lt. Col. CP sir. Moreover I have a lifelong friend, philosopher and guide by my side now ! Thanks a lot for this transformation sir!

Sahila Behl (Entrepreneur)

Practice makes a man perfect but practicing the right way makes all the difference ! Hi, I am Gavinkaran Singh. Lt. Col. CP Sir helped me not only for my SSB but also for my NDA written exam. With his meticulous guidance, he helped me clear my NDA written exam in a short span of 45 days and also guided me to get recommended from 17 SSB Bangalore for TES-46. I shall forever be grateful to sir for his guidance !

Gavinkaran Singh TES-46


At C3 Services, we are committed to bolstering your life whether you are a student, a corporate, an employee, a parent or a professional in any field. We believe that everyone requires mentoring/coaching to gain a neutral perspective about one’s life. Our Commitment is to encourage our clients to excel physically, emotionally and financially to transcend into the realm of success !! In the process, we evolve into better human beings!