5 Useful Tips to Easily Get Through the SSB Screening Test

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5 Useful Tips to Easily Get Through the SSB Screening Test

Do you find the SSB Screening test a tough task to clear? Yes, it is. SSB Screening test comprises two phases and every candidate needs to clear the phase 1 to get enrolled in phase 2. But it is not an impossible task when you have proper guidance and dedication.

So, if you want to get a clear understanding of the SSB Screening test, we are here help you. Your frantic searches on how to crack the SSB test end here with Colonel’s Counseling & Consultancy Services which is one of the Best SSB Coaching in Chandigarh.

Effective Tips to Clear SSB Screening Test:

Here are some important tips to clear the SSB Screening test as recommended by the professionals of Colonel’s Counseling & Consultancy Services:

  1. Follow the Instructions Carefully: Since you are received at the MCO Office, you are given a plethora of instructions regarding the SSB Screening Test. It is important to listen to all the instructions carefully as they are highly important to enter into the different stages of the SSB Screening Test.
  2. Avoid Describing the Story During PPDT: There is a general tendency among the candidates to start describing the story during PPDT resulting in rejection. It is because you are told not to describe your story but to narrate. So, make sure you follow the specific format to present your story.
  3. Never Greet Anyone while Narrating Your Story: When you are narrating your story, it is highly recommended not to greet anyone like “Hi Sir, Good Morning, Hello Friends, etc. Instead, it is important to utilize the given time in narrating your story by avoiding unnecessary actions.
  4. Be Calm & Polite: It is very crucial to remain calm and polite during the screening phase. It is because you have to clear several steps including Picture Perception, Description Test, and SSB Interview that many look for how smart and polite you are. Even in the case of a heated discussion, it is necessary to stay calm and establish your point in the best possible way.
  5. Support Weaker Candidates: When you are in a group, it is important to help the weak candidate by giving him/her points to speak out. It will establish your leadership skill that an assessor always looks forward to.


These are some of the important points that you should consider to increase the possibility of your selection in the SSB Screening Test. We at C3 Services, Armed Forces Test Preparation Centre in Tricity aim to bring out the true potential of every student. We are here for any student looking for the right advice and guidance to join the armed forces.

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