Things to Keep in Mind While Preparing for SSB Interview

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Things to Keep in Mind While Preparing for SSB Interview

Getting a call for the SSB after shortlisting by UPSC is the first step towards achieving your Armed forces dream. But now it is time for you to prepare yourself for cracking SSB (Service Selection Board) interview, which is undoubtedly a daunting task.

It is not an impossible task though, as all you need is the right guidance and complete dedication. Unlike most other regular interviews, the SSB interview is not a one-day process. Instead, you have to face a series of tests for several days. Yes, it makes SSB interview different from the other interviews. This is why only a few students manage to secure a seat through SSB interviews. Again, most candidates get rejected after the first round of interviews.

To get a deeper understanding of the test, the right guidance, and the best SSB Coaching in Chandigarh, Colonel’s Counseling & Consultancy Services is the best option. C3 Services is an institute that focuses on individual attention and guarantees your success in the SSB exam.

Here are some of the ways to follow while appearing for SSB.

Effective Tips to Crack SSB Interview:

  • Know the Details: After you pass the written test and start preparing for the SSB interview, you have to know about the details of the exam, including the timetable, procedure, different phases of the exam, etc.

At the very initial stage, you have to face a screening test and group discussion round, and your performance will decide whether you will be eligible for the following steps of the interview or not. Then you have to go through various tests, including SRT, WAT, PI, Progressive Group Task, Final Group Task, Command Task, Physical Test and Conference round, etc. So, make sure you have detailed knowledge about every phase.

  • Thorough Practice: Make sure you go through a quality ‘practice session’. You can look for the study materials and sample papers available online. Again, you can enroll yourself for the best SSB mentoring offered by C3 Services.
  • Give Importance to Current Affairs: Most students skip practising current affairs. But this is not a wise decision as interviewers may ask you current affair-related questions in your interview phase. So, it is essential to go through daily newspapers, magazines, etc., to remain up-to-date.
  • Polish Your Academic Knowledge: Make sure you have brushed up on what you have studied or practised during your graduation or higher school. Moreover, there are some common topics mainly related to Indian history and politics that you should extensively study.
  • Physical & Mental well being: Make sure you put yourself in. To do that we suggest following simple self-improvement practices like meditation, journal writing, exercising &  healthy eating.


With these tips in mind, you’ll surely feel more confident with the SSB preparation but for everything else C3 Services, the best SSB Training Centre in Chandigarh is here for all your question & queries.

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